Fanchon and Marco 
Welcome to the official family site of Fanchon and Marco. 

Fanchon and Marco

“The most Famous brother and sister producing team"

“The standard by which stage shows are judged” 

Variety 1929

Thank you to everyone who attended my presentation "Fanchon and Marco - Theatrical Pioneers of the Art Deco Era" at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA, and to the American Cinematheque and The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles who sponsored the event.  

New Event:
We will have an interactive display on Fanchon and Marco at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles in conjunction with the Los Angeles Conservancy's Last Remaining Seats.  The event will take place on Wed, June 18, 2014 along with a screening of Footlight Parade which is largely based on the 
work of Fanchon and Marco and stars James Cagney.  A live Prologue with the Dean Mora Orchestra will also be performed.  

**Click here for more details and tickets**

This website has been put together to share the rich history and contributions to the Entertainment Industry and early Hollywood of "Miss Fanchon" and Marco Wolff.

If you are a relative, friend, or any one of the hundreds who got their start in "the business" with Fanchon and Marco (F & M) sign our guest book and/or send us an email at:
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